Friday, August 22, 2014

Introduction: International Students at Murray State University's Hutson School of Agriculture

The Hutson School of Agriculture at Murray State University has many excellent programs for international students. Students in this program can pursue Associates, Bachelors and/or Masters degrees, and courses in agricultural sciences and animal technology are both offered. Students in these programs receive a "large university" education in a small school setting that gives each student the personal attention that he or she needs to succeed. Students who graduate from the Agriculture programs are qualified to pursue many careers, including those as a plant breeder, landscape designer, economist, veterinarian, equine trainer or agricultural journalist. Students at Murray State have access to many great facilities including three farm complexes--the West Farm Complex, the North Farm Complex and the Pullen Farm Complex. There are greenhouses, agronomy plots, a beef unit, the West Kentucky Exposition Center, the Equine Center and the Agricultural Mechanization Instructional Facility/Farm Shop. Students can take classes, participate in contests and field days and work with numerous clinics and agricultural activities.

Programs include an online masters degree option. 

Students in Agriculture can study in several fields, including:

Students in this program are trained to work in agricultural businesses including farm supply and equipment stores, credit and lending institutions, grain companies, livestock processing firms, agricultural chemical sales, governmental support agencies and food manufacturing corporations.Students learn about economic and management principles, and have access to state-of-the-art computer labs and facilities.

This program teaches students about the mechanical and physical principles that relate to the design, operation, maintenance and management of systems used in agriculture. Classes incorporate theory and hands-on training that prepares graduates for many different careers. The program uses classes, laboratories, greenhouses and three farm complexes near the campus.

The Agriculture program at Murray State includes a broad range of career fields and its graduates are in high demand in the job market. Some areas of focus include agronomy, animal science, equine science, horticulture, engineering/mechanization, communication/public relations, precision agriculture, veterinary medicine, education and business.

This program allows students to choose a specialization within the field of agriculture. Specializations include Public Relations Emphasis, Public Service and Leadership Emphasis, Environmental Health Emphasis, Emerging Technology Emphasis, and/or Agricultural Technology Emphasis. 

This program uses the farm complexes and equine facilities at Murray State to train students in development and practical application of plant and soil science: it helps students learn to produce abundant, high-quality food, feed and fiber crops. 

Students in this program can choose to focus on either food animals or equine. Students receive scientific training in animal breeding and genetics, nutrition,physiology, management, animal evaluation and selection, disease control and sanitation.

The Murray State horticulture program offers training in all aspects of horticulture including ornamental horticulture, food production, landscape horticulture, public gardens, floral design, healthcare and the golf industry. The broad training options at MSU prepare students for many job opportunities, and the clubs on campus allow students to network in their field. 

This program prepares students for entry into veterinary schools, and meets the requirements for all of the veterinary schools in the nation. Students have access to excellent facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and several organizations and clubs on campus that let students meet others in their fields.

The Hutson School of Agriculture provides students with an excellent education and prepares them for many different careers. Students at Murray State have access to several excellent facilities including farms and greenhouses, and Murray State is known for its Rodeo, which students are able to learn from.

This blog documents some of the great things that international students in the Murray State University agricultural program are doing.

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